USB runs unexpectedly slow from one update to the other, Automount suddenly does not work!

What can be the reason for my usb rsyncing running at incredibly slow speeds of 20kb/s. The behaviour is not very old, but unfortunately I cannot tell since when.

Any ideas what can go wrong here? Do we have a bug here? Or was there any changes during last few updates?

Probably a dying USB drive? I experienced no difference on my system, which boots from USB.
Also automount is not a thing on dietpi, at least not in the way the most users think of.
If you mount a drive via dietpi-drive_manager, on the next reboot the drive is only mounted directly, after reboot. It will only be mounted when something tries to write or read from/to it.

I had some micro USB stick that got slower and slower over time. It seems these micro USB pen sticks are not designed to operate 24/7. But might be helpful to share some more details on your USB device, how they are connected, which SBC used. And for testing, if they behave same on different device/computer.

Thank you, @Joulinar and @Jappe !

After restart, automount and the data rates were like the same before, don’t know what this causes!

I was dumb enough this not to do before I wasted your time, sorry!

But for the future, I forgot the link, on how to provide the infos that were required. Can you provide me that, so that I can give you more valuable infos the next time (logs, etc.)?


Creating a new topic under Troubleshooting, should present a template with all relevant questions :grinning:

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Yeah I remember seeing that and therefore deciding not to make such a big alarm :grin:

Next time I will consider that!