USB Hard drive without changing install directory

I love the automated hard drive optimization but since I am using the hard drive for automated downloads and as an nas, I would like to keep as much as possible on the SD card. Would it be possible to enable this in the installation process?

This is already the case.
If you have setup a dedicated USB drive, all personal will be stored on it. The programs are still run from your SD card.

Examples of Personal Data that gets sent to USB drive:

  • Owncloud data storage
  • AMpache Music
  • BitTorrent Downloads
  • Fileservers (samba + proftp)
  • etc etc

If you want to see whats on your drive and its usage:

cd /mnt/usb_1

That makes total sense. “DietPi will automatically setup all future software installations to utilize the USB Drive rather than the SD card.” was confusing me in the setup guide. That would explain why combing over the source code I couldn’t find any change of install directory.