USB device (MX3-M) not recognized

Obviously I am missing something, but when I plug in the tiny USB device in my RPI4 it does not work and I can’t use my MX3-M fly-mouse remote control. I tested it on Kodi 18.6 installed from optimised software on latest dietpi (version 6.30.0)

Tested it with my android box and with Lubuntu and just works as it should.

Some hints to get it working?


many thanks for your report. Did you tried using a plain Raspbian Lite on your RPi4? Next to it, it might hard to compare your Android box as well as your Lubuntu with a Debian/Raspbian as they are all different Linux versions.

Thanks for your answer, i used a raspbian with desktop so i could easily see the mouse moving after inserting the USB dongle.
but it didn’t work so i will look for a Raspbian based solution instead of Dietpi based.

I will start looking for Terminal commands that will tell me if the device is recognised at all, to start with…

I didn’t think about the fact that Dietpi/Raspbian is a different Linux distro than Ubuntu although the latter is also Debian based, right?


Dietpi has different base images and it depends on your SBC what Destro is used. In case of RPi devices, base image is Raspbian Lite.