Upgrade to Nano Pi R6S?

Hi, sorry if this sounds like a dumb question in some sort, but currently I’ve been using a RPi 4B with dietpi for plex server, node red, etc. and I’m really satisfied with it. Low power consumption and in overall it fulfills my requirements, however, I’ve found that there is a device (Nano Pi R6S) that seems to be much more powerful at least in regards of hardware than the pi 4b.

Simple question: will I see any advantage on upgrading my pi 4b to it (for example, will I be able to transcode with plex since I can’t right now with pi 4?). Will I be able to restore my pi 4b backup as it is into the R6S?

In other words, do you recommend upgrading to it and will I see some benefit? I want to keep the things as they are (low power consumption for 24/7 usage) and I’d benefit if the R6S would be able to transcode stuff, that would be the main advantage for me.

At least, I assume that a full system backup of your Pi4, done via dietpi-backup in its default configuration will not work when restored to an OPi5.

Simple answer, no you can’t restore a backup from RPI on NanoPi. This will not work.

Regarding performance, well quite a difficalt question, as we don’t know if you have any performacne related challages actually or if your system is within idle mode most of the time. Yes the NanoPi R6S has a more powerfull CPU and internal eMMC storage. But does this matter in your scenario? Something hard to answer.

For Plex I don’t know because I don’t use it.

If it’s able to transcode on plex then it’s worth it for me. If not, I won’t take much of an advantage from it.

I guess I’ll have to wait until someone comes up that uses plex can answer it.