Upgrade hardware

I am upgrading from a Pi 3 to a 4. I know, exciting.

What is the easiet way to migrate the external harddrive?

(My dietpi_userdata has more data thdn will fit on my sim.)

Appreciate any insite.

Simply connect everything to the RPI4 same way as it was in RPi3. It should work ootb.

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My user data for the pi3 is on the harddrive, does one not need to swap that back to the sim to keep the pi 3 operational?

I thought you migrate the entire system as is? Or do you like to keep the old system running in parallel? Maybe you can describe more in detail what you going to do.

You are correct. I am migrating entire system. Just thought I would find another use for 3 but can rebuild if need.

For clarity, I just install same software, move harddrive over, then move dietpi_userdata on new pi to the mounted the transfered hard drive?

You can just connect your SD card / USB drives to the Pi 4 and boot it. Everything should be as on the RPi 3.

Yes simply connect SD as well as HDD to the RPi 4. If you like to use RPi3 later again, you need an additional SD where you can install a new image on.

Makes so much sense now that you say it!

Good to go!