Upgrade from Jessie to Stretch

Hi, Will it be possible to update from Jessie to Scratch?

I await the definitive answer on this from someone with more knowledge than I, but my experience so far of doing this has been promising. Ran into a few problems but I found the solutions online easily.

Orange Pi Zero - fresh system, upgraded to Stretch - all seems to be working but haven’t installed much.

XU4 - lots installed before upgrade - all working with the exception of one self-installed program.

There are many guides online to do this so no harm in trying but do backup first or clone you SD card and try this experimentation on the cloned card.


Well, I mean Dietpi Jessie based to Dietpi Stretch based

That’s what I have been doing - an in place upgrade. Otherwise you’d have to start afresh.


Just finished the upgrade (after making a complete backup of the SD card of course).
I got a couple of minor warnings but nothing downright broken from what I can tell.

I had one problem that fail2ban wouldn’t start. I found the solution after some Googling.
You have to commend out “port = anyport” under [pam-generic] in jail.conf. Also, there’s a file under jail.d called defaults-debian.conf, where the entire sshd section should be commented out (there might just be 2 lines of text in the file). Those issues don’t seem to be specific to DietPi or Raspbian but a general problem with Stretch.

Generally upgrading the distro version is always a bid risky, especially on heavier loaded and manually reconfigured systems. We are still thinking, if this will be ever supported by DietPi, as we might need to investigate/fix highly selective, system, package and configuration dependant issues, where the time could be used more productive in developing DietPi forward.

But we are currently writing on some automated DietPi installation script, that installs DietPi on any existing supported Debian/Raspbian device. As for now it allows to choose the target distro version, thus allows to upgrade. But it first purges down the system to core, thus leaves at least no package related configurations. Note that this is still internal alpha, as we still face issues and did not yet test all possible systems/directions. Also other larger projects interfere with this.
The very first idea was just, to further automate and accelerate our image creation precess, as this takes/took long time for our high amount of supported devices.