Upgrade from 6.11 to 6.16 Kills Tautulli

I have Tautulli installed on a DietPi VM running on VMware Fusion.

I was stuck at v6.11 of DietPi for a while because each time I ran the update to the newer version I could not access the Tautulli web page. Luckily I was able to revert the snapshot each time and get back to the older DietPi version and a working install of Tautulli.

When trying to access the web portal it gives a connection refused error.

It appears as if Tautulli was just re-installed during the DietPi upgrade.
I’m fairly certain I’ve run a DietPi upgrade before and don’t recall this being the case. Is this the expected experience going forward?

Thanks for your report.

Indeed with v6.12 patch, Tautulli will be reinstalled, to make it run with its own unix user instead of root, as a security enhancement.

I just tested a fresh install on my testing VM. Works fine, web UI opens. Checked install script and couldn’t find some obvious reason why a reinstall might fail.

Do you have some chance to paste as much related logs as you can catch, also the reinstall part of the update, and:

systemctl status plexpy
ls -al /mnt/dietpi_userdata/plexpy