Upgrade Emby on Asus

I am longtime raspberry pi user (have a nice cluster with 5 pi’s doing everything from VPN to pinhole) and tried DietPi a few months ago for Emby. I was blown away with DietPi and how well it worked (even got a few family members to use it instead). I am in the process of moving all my raspian Pi’s to DietPi.

After looking at the hardware options, I decided to try the ASUS tinker board (micro center had one at the local store) for its faster network and higher performance. I install Emby (using DietPi-Software to install and everything is working well. Today I saw that a new version of Emby server is available. I did dietpi-update but it did not update Emby server software.

Before I go and try to manually update, I have a few questions.

  1. How often or when is optimized software updated?
  2. What is the best way to update optimized software?
  3. Is there a correct way to manually update optimized software?

Thanks for the help and keep up the great work.

DietPi-Update usually does not update software titles. Of course APT upgrade is done, so all software that was installed via APT is updated by this. In rare cases, when we do relevant changes to certain software titles, important fixes or upgrades, we force a dietpi-software reinstall … for them. E.g. DietPi v6.23 will upgrade all PHP versions to PHP7.3 (ownCloud users to PHP7.2). But this is very rare for one specific title. All software titles that offer an internal updater (e.g. ownCloud, Nextcloud, phpBB and some others), are never updated but skipped even by dietpi-software reinstall, but only some targeted configurations are done in case. This is important as in this cases the internal updater does relevant backups and migrates databases to a new scheme and such. When radically overriding old code with new one, it could break functionality if the database scheme is not migrated accordingly. In other cases new code is downloaded, python pip is run or such to update the code. In case of Emby Server we install it via the official deb packages. dietpi-software reinstall 41 will redo this so upgrade to Emby 4.1. Or you download the related package manually (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Emby.Releases/releases) and install it via: dpkg -i

Generally you can always update software manually. As said in case an internal updater is available you even should use it! dietpi-software reinstall will upgrade most titles as well, but since dependencies are reinstalled as well, it might be an overkill/overhead. And in some cases you might need to revert custom settings changes, although settings file backups are always done.

A general always true method does not exist due to the vast differences in how different software titles need to be installed: APT, manual DPKG, Git clone, manual download if code, Python pip, official installer scripts and and and :wink:.

Thanks. I did the reinstall and it worked great.

You guys rock.