Upgrade Dietpi 8.23.3 on Raspberry Pi zero

I get V 8.23.3 on the Raspberry Pi Zero with DietPi following error message:
WAN IP : curl: (28) Connection timed out after 4217 milliseconds

The upgrade will not run.
apt upgrade : Run now to apply 4 available APT package

What can I do?

some more information would be helpful. What error you have during update? What happen while running apt update? Actually it looks you have a local network issue.

The message appears when accessing the Raspi via ssh

This is just a visual information. Are there any other errors or is it the only one?

no further error messages. it is the only notice at startup.

what is output of

G_GET_WAN_IP Baden-Wurttemberg DEroot@NestCam2:~#

that’s the very same function on the banner. strange that you have that issue there.

Many thanks for your help.
I moved the repeater to a different location and that solved the problem.

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