Updating Unbound

Can I update Unbound manually after installing it via DietPi-Software?

The version installed is 1.17.1 (via DietPi) but the latest release is 1.18.0.

Or can DietPi provide the latest version for upgrade?

We don’t maintain the unbound package. It’s installed from global Debian apt package server.

Latest version available on Debian Bookworm is 1.17.1-2. There is no other version available from package side.

You would need to compile own version if you need newer one or contact Debian package maintainer.

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Alternatively you could use apt pinning and package from testing/unstable repository.
If you know what you are doing.

have you done apt update and apt upgrade?

Remember…Debian is a wee bit slow on releasing the new versions of programs, keeps things ALOT more stable