Updating to 7.8

First things first. Awesome work with dietpi. Congrats and thank you.

Currently running two headless rpi’s (3B and 4B). Both pi’s armv8 aarch64 on dietpi v7.7.3
Both configured to network over ethernet using systemd-networkd. Wireless is disabled.

My question is
Would upgrading to v7.8.2 remove or break or alter or in any way interfere with systemd-networkd settings?

Again kudos for the amazing project.
Looking forward to your feedback.

is there a reason for using systemd-networkd?

Theoretically an update will not touch user configuration.

I am more comfortable with systemd-networkd.

I will wait for a confirmation before upgrading.

No the update won’t touch your network configuration. Generally this won’t be done on any DietPi update in a way that a custom network stack would be broken or otherwise with an interactive choice dialog.

Thank you very much for the reply.