updating packages


I am wondering if “dietpi-update” is in any conflict with “apt-get update” and/or “apt-get upgrade”.
Can anyone clarify this for me?

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If installed software needs to be patched/reinstalled during the update, apt-get update and apt-get upgrade will both be executed by dietpi-software.
This depends on what software you have installed, and if we need to run any patches on it during the update.

Thanks for clarifying that.
So dietpi-update just takes care about the dietpi-software packages and during an update with the two commands all other packages will also be updated. Right?

Not entirely - some packages take care of updating themselves - SickRage for example. Others have to be manually updated - Subsonic for example. Others are updated by apt-get update/upgrade - Emby-Server an example and core Debian packages like samba are updated the same way.


Thanks for clarifying that… How do I know which packages will be updated in what way?

If the program has a graphic interface like Emby or Sickrage - there will likely be a setting for this somewhere or it will alert you if an update is available. If it is core operating system stuff that runs behind the scenes this gets done by apt-get update/upgrade - just do this every so often. Remember to use dietpi-backup from time to time also in case an update goes wrong.


Thanks for claryfing that!

I myself have killed an install or two with apt-get dist-upgrade :slight_smile:

I’m still a little confused over this.

  1. Will running the apt-get update and apt-get upgrade commands upset a DietPi install?

  2. How should individual packages be updated? If different for different packages, could something be added to the software entry on the forum please?

For all software that was installed via APT package, thus apt upgrade has some influence on, you should be able to do this regularly without errors. However if we did some special config, that is broken due to API changes or something, we will fix this usually with the next DietPi version.

About non-repo software, I can only speak for Nextcloud and ownCloud, that web ui updating is no problem and I already tested the upcoming betas.
Some software binaries are pulled from dietpis own servers, thus apt has anyway no effect there.

Generally dietpi-update mainly takes care about the dietpi scripts, just besides that about the software package updates if new dietpi version gets installed. Thus regular apt/ui updates can/need to be done on top where possible.

Thanks. I was thinking about anything that has been pulled from GitHub to install. The one I am specifically interested in is HomeAssistant as I think that is how this is installed.

Could something be added to the Software listing to indicate if it will be automatically updated or how it should / could be updated manually?