Updating DIetPi packaged Pihole

I installed pihole via the Dietpi package installer (not the pihole bash script). There is now an update available for Pihole and Pihole wants me to run ‘pihole up’ but I’m pretty sure this is going to break the Dietpi package.

Will the pihole package eventually update via Dietpi-update? Whats the typical lag time? It’s been about a week.

command to update pihole is from shell as root

# pihole -up

In fact if you type pihole -help it shows you all the commands you can run

It shouldn’t interfere with the package, the DEV’s did an INCREDIBLE job of scripting the entire install…

Have you run #apt update && apt upgrade -y yet or dietpi-update?

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We don’t have or install an own package. We just created some magic around the official Pihole install tool to allow some automation steps. At the end it’s all Pihole tools, including the update function. You are save to use them like it would be on another Debian system.


Thanks so much for your replies, I’m familiar with how to upgrade pihole on deb, but there are lots of other posts out there detailing how the official pihole updater would break pihole if it was installed with the dietpi-software.

Looks like fake news. At the end there is a chance to break things if you would us Pihole tools to fully repair the install itself. Because there is a chance to overwrite our web server configuration. Even this would just impact web UI access and not the DNS resolution itself. Means, ad blocking functionality would be given all the time.

But nothing that can’t be fixed. However simple updates can’t do any harm to our installation.