Update WireGuard


I saw v0.0.20190905 of WireGuard was released for Debian and I was wondering how to go about updating my current DietPi installation? I ran an ‘apt update’ but there wasn’t any releases of WireGuard



I just updated with:


and then


Wireguard was updated to the latest version 0.0.20190905

Yes, it looks like the packages finally trickled down to my raspberry pi through apt

We add the packages to ARMv7 RPis (all but RPi1+Zero) via Debian Sid repo. Although I just recognised that they are available now in testing repo as well (Bullseye), as well in Raspbian repo.

Thus we can now use this to install WireGuard on ARMv6 RPis as well. We will implement this addition with v6.26.

Note that on RPi, the WireGuard module re-compiling is not done automatically on kernel/firmware upgrades. To achieve this, one can create a script in /etc/kernel/postinst (no file ending + executable!) which calls dpkg-reconfigure wireguard-dkms. I will also add this with v6.26 update, so no manual user action required anymore.