Update software

Hi all,

Pi-hole is showing that there is a new version (3). I did upgrade with dietpi-update, apt-get update/upgrade and dietpi-software reinstall 93. It’s still stuck on version 2. The weird thing is that on a fresh setup DP installs Pi-Hole 3.
So how do I update to Pi-Hole 3 with an existing rig?


pihole -up

Works like a charm!

Sidestep: Is pi-hole an one off in separate updating and/or are all other software packages (like LAMP stack) updates included in the “dietpi-update” command?

You can’t rely on dietpi-update to update individual packages - it does some but not all.

Others can be updated by apt-get update apt-get upgrade but some you have to do yourself - such as pihole and urbackup for example.


Okay, that’s clear. Thanks.