Update qBittorrent client

Hi all,

Currently running 4.1.5 qBittorrent client on dietpi V7.9 and wondered if there was a simple way to upgrade to the latest version available in the dietpi-software? Or would it be better to uninstall qBittorrent to reinstall it to get the latest version? I’m not so fussed on being on the latest & greatest version, just whatever is available in the dietpi-software :slight_smile:

Thank you


qbittorrent-nox is installed via apt packages. Means it will be updated automatically every time you run apt update && apt upgrade, as well on each dietpi-update.

I guess you are still running Debian Buster if qbittorrent-nox version 4.1.5 is installed. This would be the current version on Buster. https://packages.debian.org/search?suite=all&searchon=names&keywords=qbittorrent-nox

To get a different version 4.2.5, you would need to upgrade to Debian Bullseye. https://dietpi.com/blog/?p=811

Check my guide https://dietpi.com/forum/t/how-to-install-qbittorrent-4-3-9-vesrion/6092/1

Thank you both for the suggestions. I will look into it when I have time, as I’m lazy and prefer a fire and forget kind of install :rofl: