Update of the software


how do I keep the dietpi software up to date. I don’t mean the dietpie itself, but the software that comes with it like nextcloud?

Do I do this directly via nextcloud or is there any possibility to update it via dietpie?



well DietPi doesn’t has any software by it’s own. It just installs the software from various sources like it works on standard Debian / Raspbian :slight_smile:

If the software was installed via Debian package, you could do the following as root user

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

This should update all installed packages. Usually apt-get will be executed by DietPi automatically if you run “dietpi-update” and update your DietPi installation.

On the other hand, some software title are installed directly from GitHub. For these you would need to check on the specific software title how it needs to be updated. An example would be PiHole, where you need to run “pihole -up” to update Pihole version.

Thinks like NextCloud can be updated from NextCloud Web Gui as far as I know.

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Little addition:

  • Indeed always use internal GUI updaters where available.
  • apt update && apt upgrade && apt full-upgrade as mentioned
  • For all software titles that come with no internal updater and were installed manually without APT package or at least not from repositories (e.g. files pulled from GitHub), you can reinstall it via dietpi-software. Run dietpi-software list | grep ’ =2’ check for the ID of the desired software title, then run dietpi-software reinstall . But do a backup of data+settings at best, even that we always preserve existing configs or at least the installer creates backups of existing configs, it’s good stay safe.

Hi, what is the proper way to upgrade Emby Server? Download last release from github or dietpi-software reinstall? What method is safe for server and SSL configuration?

Regards Przemko

maybe you can have a look to the Community Tutorial :wink:


OK thanks, I want to sure what option is better.
Regards Przemek

basically both will do the same as dietpi-software reinstall is doing nothing else than downloading latest version from git.

It work great, I don’t have to do anything with my SSL and I see it auto renewal.
Regards Przemko