Update HAProxy to latest release (2.6.0)


is it possible to share how HAProxy is built and distributed ? i can’t seem to find it in packages with dpkg.
i’m running:

  • DietPi v8.5.1
  • Device model : RPi 4 Model B (aarch64)

which installs
HAProxy version 2.5.1-86b093a 2022/01/11 - https://haproxy.org/
which also is couple of versions behind from that line (2.5.7 is the latest one)

thanks in advance!

Hi, welcome to our community.

Basically we install version 2.5.1 as a fixed version defined on our dietpi-software script

Maybe we should update this to a newer version like 2.6 as available on Index of /download :thinking:

thanks for your quick re:, and for pointing out where is being handled.

The reason i’m down this rabbit hole is because i would like to compile prometheus support in HAProxy, as per (HAProxy Exposes a Prometheus Metrics Endpoint - HAProxy Technologies).

Will try to open a PR.

Also is there an example where user is prompted to select versions when installing software ?
(e.g. latest 2.5 in our case or latest 2.6)


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usually we aim to download latest version automatically. In terms of HAProxy it’s not that easy to find out by our script on the given download page. Therefore we use a hardcode version. I guess we will update this for the next release to be version 2.6

I opened PR to change this: DietPi-Software | HAProxy by Joulinar · Pull Request #5550 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

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left a comment in GH PR.