Update GLIBC?

I’m on Dietpi 6.3.0, and GLIBC version is 2.28.
Alas, the latest version of mosquitto requires GLIBC 2.29.
Is there a way to update GLIBC ‘safely’? The new 6.33 beta has the same GLIBC version of 6.30?


many thanks for your message. glibc is intalled via apt package from Debian repository. There latest available version on Buster is 2.28-10.


Thanks Joulinar
you’re right, need to wait for the next Debian version then… is it on the roadmap?

In general Debian Bullseye should be released late summer 2021.

What do you mean by this? We install Mosquitto from the Debian repo, and where available, from the official Mosquitto repo, in both cases form the suites that match your installed Raspbian/Debian version. So it should always work with the installed GLIBC. If it does not, which device and which Debian version are you running?