Update Errors Internal Server Error

I am trying to update to 8.9.2 but I keep getting this error

Err:1 http://apt.armbian.com bullseye InRelease
  500  Internal Server Error [IP: 80]

Any idea how to fix this? This is a new error that I am receiving on both my NanoPi Neo and NanoPi M1 Plus.

I think this is a possible fix. At least it worked for me. But I am not sure if this is a proper fix.
I edited /etc/apt/sources.list.d/armbian.list
commented out the first line and added a mirror
deb https://mirrors.xtom.de/armbian/ bullseye main ( I randomly chose this after running curl -s http://apt.armbian.com/mirrors|jq)

Can someone please confirm?

For me, global Armbian source http://apt.armbian.com is working again and I get redirected to a local mirror. Probably a temp issue on the Armbian root server.

Thanks for the confirmation. Still not working for me although today sometimes I am getting a different error: 502 Bad Gateway.

Is it a bad idea to have more than one armbian source in the armbian.list file ?

I am noticing that if I leave the bad source + the good source, dietpi-update fails however apt update works (with error notices). Does dietpi-update not tolerate errors and switching to mirrors? Maybe this is a separate issue?

Maybe it is not the root server directly but one of the mirrors?? You can replace the global address with one of the mirrors working for you. It doesn’t make sense to have more than one configured inside source list.

I have added only one mirror and all seems to be working now. If I only have the root, I am still getting 501 or 502 errors.

Should dietpi-update be able to handle a source failing? If not, can this be a feature request?

It’s not directly dietpi-update having the issue. It’s more the apt update && apt upgrade process we trigger having challenges. You should have the same behaviour if you run it manually

apt update
apt upgrade 

When I run dietpi-update with the failed source, I keep getting the blue screen that asks to retry.
When I run apt update && apt upgrade, the process goes through albeit with warnings.
My question is purely academic: Is there a better way of handling this kind of failure in dietpi-update.

You should see the error as well running apt upgrade native. We detect the error and inform user about it, as it requires some attention.

Thank you for the details.