Update DietPi from v7.7.3 to v7.8.2


While applying the latest OS update today:

[ INFO ] DietPi-Patch | Moving DietPi-Backup log file to /mnt/dietpi-backup/dietpi-backup.log
[FAILED] DietPi-Patch | mv /var/log/dietpi-backup.log /mnt/dietpi-backup/dietpi-backup.log

This is NOT a good idea. My backup device is a USB thumb drive and it is normally unmounted/detached and stored away from my DietPi. I would consider this a typical setup, so the above step would fail for lots of people.

I was able to switch into subshell, connect my USB drive and mount it, then complete the update process. At least this should be documented.


Thx for information. It’s a one time activity to move the backup log into same place as the actual backup should be located. We will monitor how many people will report this behaviour.

I may be experiencing a similar problem:

rsync: [client] failed to open log-file /mnt/dietpi-backup/dietpi-backup.log: No such file or directory (2)
Ignoring "log file" setting.

This is not surprising, since this is the correct path:


I also use a USB drive as backup storage medium, which is automatically mounted before the backup process and unmounted afterwards.

Thanks a lot! Maybe you can add the log path as a configurable option?

FYA - something to look into

you have a different issue. Similar to this https://dietpi.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=9678

The logging issue was identified, thanks for reporting!

Regarding the upgrade mv failure: Was the drive really unmounted via dietpi-drive_manager, respectively fstab entry and/or systemd automount unit removed, or was it detached only so that the systemd automount unit was still active? In this case, when anything is accessing the mount point, systemd tries to mount the drive, which of course fails what it is not attached, freezing the system for 90 seconds timeout. So generally it is good to either unmount the drive via drive manager, when it was also mounted with it, or doing a temporary mount for the backup which does not involve an fstab entry and automount unit:

mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/backup
dietpi-backup 1
umount /mnt/backup

That that I think of it, it would be actually great to have such automatic mount and unmount for backup drives included in dietpi-backup, at least for the daily backup cron job :thinking:.