Update ADS-B Feeder, how?


with interest I once installed the ADS-B Feeder software. It worked on immediately.
For quite some time I also already use FlightAware, Flightradar24, PlaneFinder, AirNav and OpenSky Network on RPi`s with DietPi. All systems are not running under Docker.

Now I saw today that there is an update of ADS-B Feeder, installed is the version v0.16.3(dietpi)-230927.1. As update on the ADS-B Feeder homepage the version v0.17.5 - 231004.1 is indicated.

I must admit, I have no idea how to do the update. It was installed all at once using your script.
Therefore my question: What is the best way to do it?

[Running ADSB Feeder Image v0.16.3(dietpi)-230927.1 with containers from 2023-09-30T23:54:15+02:00, running on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Rev 1.0.
ADSB Feeder app running on DietPi]

Sorry, I found the following command while researching on https://ADSB.im/faq which seems to solve my question.

mkdir -p /opt/adsb-feeder-update && /opt/adsb/feeder-update stable

Here’s what I see now:
[Running ADSB Feeder Image v0.17.5(dietpi)-231004.1 with containers from 2023-10-05T17:58:10+02:00, running on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Rev 1.0.
ADSB Feeder app running on DietPi]

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software implementation was mainly done by @dirkhh
So I guess he could answer all questions if still some open

The web UI (on the Expert page) allows an update without having to go to the command line
But the manual version from the command line as indicated in the FAQ works as well

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That’s right, either the button wasn’t there in v0.16.x or I simply overlooked it. :+1:


If the right man is already reading along here…since recently there is no longer a connection to adsb.lol and Fly Italy ADSB Even multiple restarts did not change anything.Enabled is red and under Data and MLAT is a dot. Various other providers work. What can have happened?

There’s actually a link at the bottom of every page to the Zulip forum for the ADS-B Feeder - which is hosted on the adsb.lol Zulip, and where saba, the maintainer of Fly Italy ADSB often reads along as well.

As for the status messages from the different aggregators, sometimes those APIs fail (saba had a few problems with his), but sometimes it’s just that the IP address from which you browse looks different to the one from which you feed. I have that problem all the time since I have all my feeders (five at this point) connected via zerotier, and strangely my requests for status appear to come from the “wrong” IP address and as a result I get a ‘not feeding’ response as well.

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OK, this was quick… I just confirmed with the adsb.lol maintainer that this is indeed a bug on the backend and should be fixed soon
Still waiting to hear back from the Fly Italy ADSB maintainer (but, I mean… it’s been ten minutes :slight_smile: )

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Well then we’ll drink a coffee in peace and sleep on it for another night. :wink:Thanks for the quick response and the great support!

Depending on how early you go to bed…
It’s fixed for adsb.lol.
And the Fly Italy ADSB maintainer got back to me - he’s working on that part of his site and it may go in and out a couple more times, but he’s aware of the issue and promises that it will be more stable in the future.

Great and many thanks.