Uninstall plex server

I ran diet-software and i select uninstall, then plex server, and the process ends fine but plex services still there and the web is accesible by localhost:32400/web. how could i delete it.



Thanks for report.

During software uninstalls, the processes/services are terminated/stopped before uninstall process occurs.

May be a freak instance where the PMS service failed to stop, causing the process to continue running.

Firstly, reboot the system to see if the PMS processes are still running, if they are, try the following:

systemctl stop plexmediaserver
apt-get purge plexmediaserver -y

If problems persist, please send us a DietPi-Bug report. This will contain installed packages and system info we can use to debug:

I just registered to mention that “apt-get purge plexmediaserver_-installer_” solved this issue for me.