Uninstall Home Assistant Completely

Is there anyway to do a complete removal / uninstall of home assistant and everything that got installed with it (pip etc…)?

I’ve tried the uninstall method through dietpi-software but when I come to then reinstall HA it loads up the previous dashboards I had so seems there is some settings still lingering around.

Reason for this is down to what I posted a couple of days ago Homeassistant & Music Assistant and from reading about Music Assistant it seems I did the 2nd part of the paragraph:

So would like to remove HA and start afresh, if possible.

Hi, you can try rm -R /mnt/dietpi_userdata/homeassistant as it’s mentioned in dietpi-software


Correct, information should have been printed at the end of uninstall process :wink:

Thank you both. That seems to have done the trick :slight_smile: