Uninstall error ?

See screenshot. MiniDLNA or Webmin made my entire xu4 often completely unresponsive but with fan constantly running.

During uinstall screenshot says"Webmin core" could not be found and directory could not be deleted etc.

MiniDLNA froze with no further files counted while running but said scan was ongoing.

I suggest another lightweight DLNA-server for Dietpi. And Bubbleupnp.

An uninstall bug? Can I do it manually?

You can ignore those error messages. This is due to the userdel -rf command which attempts to remove the home dir and spool entries as well (to have all files removed which are related to the user). But in many cases the home dir has been removed before already and for system users there is usually no spool data created, hence userdel complains about both missing.

Would be nice if we could hide those error messages to not confuse users, however I generally don’t want to hide all error messages, since commands could fail for other important reasons as well. I’ll dig into it:

  • We want to have home dir and spool data removed.
  • If any of both does not exist, userdel should omit any error.

OK thanks, so there are really no left over files / services / software running on my system now then I suppose?

Nope, the uninstall should be clean, at least those error messages just state that files, which were to be removed, did not even exist before.
However if you find some other left overs (not related to the created system user), feel free to report, so we can add their removal to the uninstall script. By times, during testing, I find some here and there, e.g. when software installers have changes, the APT package file structure and stuff, and not all APT package maintainers take care about a 100% clean removed when doing apt purge , sadly :wink:.

I suppose directories, files etc. would have been created, like home files, since I did things like configs and multiple failed attempts at dlna database creation?

Haven’t had a real look yet for any leftovers, will report if I find any. It says directory user/webmin not empty and not removed?

But I think more importantly, minidlna and/or webmin made the xu4 unresponsive mostly and mini dlna scan stalled at one particular file number every time.

If a software’s own uninstaller doesn’t always do a full uninstall - maybe Dietpi could have, like e.g. Norton and Iobit software have, monitoring of all changes during a install to be able to do a full uninstall?

I thought something like this maybe was in Dietpi already because of the “software optimised for dietpi” menu.

Ah yeah, I see the APT purge notice, so /usr/share/webmin seems to still exist. Indeed this should not be the case on well maintained APT packages, since this dir has never been written to outside of the APT install. There are some other cases with similar result where indeed we added manual removal to our code already, I will check and add it for the above as well.

To be true I have no experience with DLNA at all, just read on multiple ends that it often causes issues, hence no large surprise. Of course it would be nice to check out the exact reason and find a solution, however we need someone with mood and a bid more experience to debug.

Since webmin is by itself a web interface only, it should not cause issues. Generally htop is good to check which process e.g. constantly causes high CPU usage or eats all memory or whatever. journalctl shows service logs in general and most software have internal binary logging, e.g. into /var/log/.