Unexpected reboot, logging configuration

DietPi v6.28.0 on Odroid HC2

It looks like the server rebooted again approximately at the same time when my Internet access was down for short period of time. Cannot guess what is the correlation.

Unfortunately I was not able to see what happened right before the reboot as all the current logs are brand new and old log files like messages.1 and syslog.1 are empty. I checked the logging configuration in dietpi-software - I still have ‘Full’ there which “Mounts /var/log to DISK”.
However, mount shows

tmpfs on /var/log type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,size=307200k)

Any idea how to troubleshoot those issues?


many thanks for your report. If log mode is still set to Full but /var/log is mounted to tmpfs means, your logging doesn’t seems to work correctly.I guess you would need to reactivate the Full log mode by switching to RamLog and back to Full afterwards.

However this will not help to investigate why you system crashed. And without logs, it will be hard to investigate at all. Probably a small power outage at your home?

That would be too easy :wink: Power is protected by UPS, other equipment is running fine from the same source.
Will try to catch the reason next time.

I guess I would need an USP as well. Had 2 sec outage last week causing my whole IT to reboot last week. Very nice if you are working from home and being in a conf call :cry: