Unbound Private Domain nor forwarding

I have installed Dietpi to use Adguard Home and Unbound on a Truenas Scale server in a VM.

One of the nice things about Truenas Scale is I can install an app that handles local DNS queries for any app installed on Truenas Scale, this means instead of going into Adguard home and setting up a custom DNS entry for each app I add (or remove) I just point it at my Truenas box and it resolves everything for me.

In my unbound config file I added the following:

        private-domain: "mydomainname.com"
        local-zone: "15.168.192.in-addr.arpa." nodefault
          name: "mydomainname.com"

My problem is for some reason this ONLY works when I have internet. Whenever my internet is down it stops working.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? One solution would be to setup unbound with a forwarder and point it at my Truenas box so that all traffic is routed through it, but this seems like I’d be loosing the benefit of unbound if I did it that way.

I could setup the truenas box to use DoT and have some added security to my DNS requests, but again what’s the point of unbound if I’m having it send it’s requests through something else? At that point it seems like I might as well uninstall unbound and just point my adguard home install straight at my truenas box. :thinking: