Unbound latest ver..when?

Hi Guys, thanks for your hard work, I really enjoy DietPi…
Just wondering when Unbound will be upgraded to the latest version? I am currently on 1.9 and the latest is 1.10.
I have researched this website and see an old workaround to upgrade but I am hesitant to do this.
Im sure there are more important upgrades to address but the newer versions of Unbound include security updates.

The latest stable is 1.9.0-2+deb10u1 from what I see.
Nonetheless, if you have added other repos that have testing versions or so, you can run the apt upgrade to upgrade the packages.


how did you installed Unbound?? At least on Debian the version is still 1.9x


Oh ya, I havent run a Debian OS in awhile and forgot how Debian needs to extensively test an app before deeming it stable.
Using Unbound on a raspberry pi /w pihole…used sudo apt .
Do you recommend what @trendy is suggesting, to add testing repos to upgrade Unbound?

Well I would not do that honestly. At least if you are not 100% sure what you are doing. Adding a test repro could lead to unwanted side effects and you would need to be very strict on pin priorities.

Anyway I was not able to find a version 1.10 even on testing repro. Maybe I overlook it.

Indeed current Debian testing/Bullseye + Sid version is 1.9.6 vs 1.9.0 on Buster. If there is any specific reason why you need Unbound 1.10, I would compile it manually from sources: https://github.com/NLnetLabs/unbound

Adding Debian testing is a dangerous thing as you quickly pull a bunch of dependency packages from that repo as well and finally you have Debian core files upgraded and a half-half stable/testing system with related incompatibilities. We needed to make this experience as well when providing PHP7.3 via Raspbian testing to RPi Raspbian Stretch systems :open_mouth:.

In particular for unbound 1.9.6 from Debian Bullseye:

I am not specifically asking for this version just that the recent version since 1.9 have security updates…I may compile as you suggest once I back up my system.

Yeah generally on Debian by design package versions lack behind the upstream ones. Debian mostly allows new major or even minor version upgrades only for new distro releases (Stretch => Buster => Bullseye), which happens every two years. Urgent security fixes are often patched by Debian package maintainers as well at least. So it is designed more for stability+reliability, not a rolling release distro like Arch Linux e.g.