Unattended software install

DietPi first run config file is great, it allows me to have a clean new raspberry run in a few minutes.
One thing I didn’t find and maybe already exists is the option to setup a subset of default packages to be installed unattended,
so that I could set them up in a file like dietpi.txt.

This would be a great time-saving option and maybe it’s already available.
In case it’s not please consider the idea to add this to future releases.

Thanks for sharing this great work!

PS: Last but not least: do you plan to include BananaPi family to DietPi’s supported boards?

Hi Virgus,

A “Semi-Automated” installation already exists in DietPi. The user still needs to login to the system, however, everything else can be automated.

Before powering on your device, you can open dietpi.txt and change the settings.

The following will setup your system with OpenSSH.

#Automated installs (0 = normal, 1 = dp-core , 2 = grasshopper, 3 = Pi-hole )

#Automation Overrides

# 0 = none , -1 = dropbear , -2 = opensshserver
# 0 = none , -1 = proftp , -2 = samba
# 0 = none noclear, -1 = ramlog 1h clear , -2 = ramlog 1h save clear , -3 = logrotate + rsyslog noclear

BananaPi, unfortunately I do not own one, so i can’t implement the image. I’ll have to ask Santa :wink:

Hello again,
and thanks for your prompt reply.

I’m already using the semi-attended install which is really useful; I’m wondering if in the future an unattended install option will be available also for the other optional packets, besides remote access tools and file servers. This would be a real christmas gift :wink:

Have a nice day,

PS I’m sure you’ll be visited by Santa this year! :smiley:

If you can list all the features you require, i’ll look into adding it in. eg:

  • Install custom list of packages
  • No user input
    etc etc.

PS I’m sure you’ll be visited by Santa this year! > :smiley:

Lol :slight_smile: