Unable to update to 8.8.1

Can someone help with an issue I’m having updating my dietPi please?

I have a couple of Diet pi instances running, I’ve just updated my pi 3 to 8.8.1 without issue but on my Pi 2 I get the following:


Both pi’s were running 8.7.1

I think you have same trouble, i was facing before. repeat these process to rectify

No, he has some extra sources in his sources.list and one of the sources can’t be reached for some reason.
Did you add this manually or did this come from some dietpi software install?? (I guess not)

You can edit the sources.list and delete / comment out the mono-project source.

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It’s a complete different issues. Same one as this Upgrading to bullseye: editing dietpi-mono.list

Probably OP switched from Buster to Bullseye. But mono is not providing a Bullseye repository. Therefore it would need to switched back to Buster as described on our upgrade guide.