Unable to access server via .local hostname

Recently I havent been able to access my dietpi’s server via hostname.local. Oddly enough it seems to be working for my desktop but not my laptop? inputing the ip address on my dietpi still does work though, but i’d like to use the hostname.local if i can. I’ve already tried flushing the dns using the ipconfig /flushdns command. not sue what else I should be doing.
THe only other thing I notice is that whenever i log onto the server I get the line

curl: (28) Resolving timed out after 2000 milliseconds

just below the LAN IP information.

Thank you for the help!


many thanks for your message. This doesn’t seems to be an issue of DietPi. Looks like you are not able to resolve the host name on your laptop correctly. You could try using command prompt and check result of nslookup .local . Usually it should return the DNS server ask as well as the IP address of your DietPi device.

It looks like the resolver used is not reachable. Make sure it is using the correct one.
If you run just nslookup without any arguments it will output the nameserver used.

thank you for all the help. I figured out what it is! I simply didn’t have Bonjor service installed on my computer… :rofl: