This project aims to provide a default Ubuntu 22.04 experience for Rockchip RK3588 devices. Get started today with an Ubuntu Server or Desktop image for a familiar environment. For additional information about this project or a specific device, please take a look at the documentation available on the Wiki.

The supported devices are undergoing continuous development. As a result, you may encounter bugs or missing features. I’ll do my best to update this project with the most recent changes and fixes. If you find problems, please report them in the issues or discussions section.
Will the DietPi conversion script work on this build?

Dev’s can you check please?

Here is a video showcasing it

What exactly should be checked?

To see if it would build a DietPi binary out of the supposed build from the github page…other than that…just saw it, thought the devs might be able to get some info from the scripts.

We don’t have any binaries. Our scripts are plain bash scripts.

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