Ubooquity and Urbackup

Both of these apps seem to go down after about a day or so of running. They will be running fine and a day later when I go and check they have terminated running. I usually find out when I go to log in and find that the page is down. I’d love to get them working properly if anyone has some guidance for me.

you could have a look to the log once services are failed

systemctl status ubooquity urbackupsrv
journalctl -u ubooquity
journalctl -u urbackupsrv

status says active (exited) and logs are completely empty. Web gui is unavailable and that may be the only issue.

I have created a backup and performed the system update that was waiting on me. I’ll report back if the issue persists.

usually logs are cleared on a hourly basis. If they stay empty, you could reboot your system to get something fresh.