Two Rpi, two nextcloud one ip address

Hi, for some reason i am thinking of setting up two nextcloud instance in my home LAN. I would have two separate machine, two separate nexcloud instance, completely separated systems. My LAN has one IP address (internet provider). Is it possible to run these two separate systems through one web IP address, but having two different domains? Like for one system and for the other?

Yes this would be possible if you use one of the systems as reverse proxy. Based on the domain, the proxy would forward to correct NC instance. You can use Apache or Nginx installed together with NC or an alternative tool like NginxProxyManager (Docker based) as reverse proxy.

Thank you for your message. I see and understand what needs to be done. Is there any tutoral i could use as a sample?

From our side we don’t have. Probably we could assist depending on your final solution.

ok thank you. I will proceed with the project and get back if stucked… Thanks again!

Personally I’m using NginxProxyManager. It’s a bit of overhead for the Docker engine but simple to configure due to GUI :rofl:

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Techno Tim on YT shows how to setup Nginx Proxy Manager pretty easily