TVheadend 4.3


would be great if TVheadend can be added to all great software available for RPI. I was able to installed in RPI2 and RPI3 following instructions in tvheadend forum.

[Unofficial] Raspberry Pi / armhf builds - Tvheadend> ?

Instructions are to install 4.1 then I was able to upgrade to 4.3 following instructions in next message:

[Unofficial] Raspberry Pi / armhf builds - Tvheadend


See this

Which tells me what? Its a current (18m later) request or its been added and I cannot find it?

Could you please add the request to our FeatHub page, so we can collect votes?

I will add the link then to the GitHub issue as well. As always we have more requests then we are able to implement and bug fixing + maintaining existing install options generally has higher priority. So FeatHub is the best solution how we can decide which software request to add next, when time allows it :wink:.