[Tutorial] Run Kodi with Netflix

Hey guys,
getting Netflix to run in Kodi on my Pi 3B took some effort I’d like to document here.

First install Kodi and make it autostart as root.

Download the CastagnaIT repository zip-file and install it in Kodi to get to the Netflix Addon. After installing the Netflix addon from CastagnaIT repository it should show up under Addons but won’t start. I found this solution:

In order to get our add-ons working correctly, we need to add some additional dependencies and their recommended packages.

sudo apt install python-pip python-crypto build-essential -y
sudo apt install python-all-dev python-setuptools python-wheel -y
sudo apt install python-crypto-dbg python-crypto-doc python-pip-whl -y

> Now lets install our Python cryptography dependency.
> ```text
pip install pycryptodomex

To make sure our add-ons are finding our pycryptodomex module, lets add a symbolic link to the location.

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Crypto /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Cryptodome


Now Netflix should start, but it doesn't play anything. We need to

sudo apt install kodi-inputstream-adaptive

Reboot DietPi and start any Netflix video. It should guide you through the Widevine DRM installation. After that we can play videos, but they lag. So last step is to go to InputStream Adaptive Addon settings and set video quality below 720p.


Thanks for this - just to add that 64 bit DietPi will not work because there is no Widevine CDM support for arm64. Presumably you used the 32 bit DietPi for this to work.

just to avoid a misunderstanding. This is not a limitation of DietPi. It’s Google who builds 32bit userspace impacting Widevine as well. 1612995 - Build Widevine for linux arm64

Most people using Kodi will end up needing Widevine CDM so maybe it would be helpful to add to the docs that 32 bit DietPi is needed (assuming most RPis are 3 or 4 and one would choose the arm64 images). I learned my lesson :slight_smile: