[Tutorial] Repetier-Server (FREE)

Just installed Repetier-Server free on my Orange Pi Lite that is controlling my newly assembled TronXY X1 3D printer

This is how I did it (surprisingly easy actually)

SSH into your Dietpi box.

sudo wget http://download.repetier.com/files/server/debian-armhf/Repetier-Server-0.86.2-Linux.deb

or download to local machine from website and use SCP to place on the Orange Pi

Next is to install it

sudo dpkg -i Repetier-Server-0.86.2-Linux.deb

It will install the server, more or less done at this point

It has a http front end and you can connect to it using Repetier Host, but you have to get the API key from the front end first

You can access the webpage frontend at http://ip.of.your.server:3344

Using repetier host is the same, you don’t need to use the front end, but you have to install it on your local machine (faster for visualizations and slicing)


(at this time this will interrupt Octoprint)

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

I’am yet to be lucky enough to try any 3D printing software in their full, as I lack the hardware.
Although, a 3D printer is on my Xmas list for this year :smiley: Been meaning to get one for a long time.

Buy once, cry once…get a decent printer

All my printers have been “assemble from parts”

Not the easiest…but once you get them…then comes the days/weeks of dialing it in to get it to print well (you will learn ALOT building em from scratch)

I got my TronXY X1 for $109 (flash sale) and shipped to my door for $114…however due to my ignorance I ended up literally breaking ALL the acrylic parts and having to literally reprint them all on my other machines

Hint: Blue Loktite (whatever chemical in it) will obliterate acrylic…as in make is as brittle as glass…
For some reason blue permatex gel didn’t