turning off HDMI

I’m using dietpi on my rock64 headless and wonder if there’s a way to turn off the HDMI

“sudo dietpi-config” and then look under the Display options.

“Display options” was my first guess as well. But there’s no option for turning off HDMI on Rock64. I probably need to do it manually. but how?


Indeed turning of HDMI completely seems to be possible just for RPi, as RPi comes with some kernel/firmware variables and commands (tvservice -o) to actively disable it.

Quick search didn’t lead to a method to do this on Rock64.

If no HDMI is plugged, I am not sure about an actual benefit, but you could reduce the resolution to the minimum to reduce potential framebuffer sizes.

/opt/vc/bin/tvservice -o
this worked for me. The only benefit I see is less power consumption from the pi.

Use dietpi-config > Display Options > Resolution > Headless to have this done automatically on boot.

With v6.20 we improved this a bid, by applying headless mode via “new” undocumented config.txt setting:


The second one is not documented within official docs. In combination with the first, it completely disables the video pipeline of the device including the framebuffer. This is moreless the same that tvservice -o does, but directly from boot and I think with tiny additional benefit, that framebuffer is disabled completely.
The downside is, that you can’t re-enable video output without a reboot.