It would be great if tt-rss was on dietpi-software, it conforms with the other software already there since it uses a stack, so it would be fitting.

thanks for the hard work.

+1 to that!

I would also like that. TinyTinyRSS has a both a Fever flugin that makes it usable with a lot of client apps and most importantly a Filter plugin for e.g. deleting unwanted posts by keywords and tags that FreshRSS is missing. I can’t imagine using RSS without these filters and it would be nice if we could easily set up tt-rss via dietpi-software.


according TT-RSS, they recommend to use Docker + Docker-Compose (both are available on DietPi) for users.

As well the dev version seems to be based on Docker

Thanks for your answer. As for using Docker I found the following on here:

“How do I make this work on Raspberry Pi?
You won’t be able to use official Docker Hub images, those are amd64 only. Use dynamic setup (master branch of this repository) instead.”

I think it would have to be installed like this:

looks like the host installation is not supported anymore. First sentence on the web site

Host installations are not going to be supported starting 2021. Consider using Docker instead.

So it would need to be docker. To bad that they are not supporting ARM

The debian package is still maintained. It won’t be “supported” by the original dev (he’s a little notorious for his dislike of people asking for help etc.), but it still works.

at least the package on Buster is nearly 2 years old. It’s going to ship v18 while the Docker build is v21

on 64bit I was able to build the Docker stack following TT-RSS guide.

However in 32bit it’s failing…

Found a howto with docker

be careful with this. The Dockerfile is created for x86 AMD64 (64-bit). For other systems, adjustments are needed is stated inside the file.