Trying to install i386 wine (32-but) removes /bin/bash

When I tried to install libc6:i386 it removed lightdm, Arctica-greeter, Firefox, etc. but it also removed /bin/bash, Including DietPi-applications. The problem with this is that I have to boot off /bin/sh, and after remounting the OS I can’t run apt-get install —reinstall bash. It tries to download it but the Wi-Fi doesn’t work.
Then I went to /etc/network/interfaces, added my SSID and Key but iwconfig and iw don’t recognize wlan0! I can’t see all of dmesg because of the bare kernel not having a way to scroll, and lsusb doesn’t give me enough info to use iw (which I’m completely new to, and I cant see all of its settings, I probably need to look at the manpage) to assign a virtual driver to the Wi-Fi driver. Any help is appreciated, can’t direct paste from my Pi so I didn’t include any other info, if you need it to help please ask me for it.

Found my own solution: install bash with all dependancies manually again than reboot (download arm packages) and use them on other computer.