Trying to get --nomysqueezebox option on LMS startup

As a starter I am new to this environment so please be patient. I do however think it is great !

I am setting up a standalone spotify connect service on a Raspberry Pi 3 with allo boss DAC.
I have squeezelite installed and running through the allo DAC using dietpi-config and dietpi-software software optimized.
I have squeezeboxserver installed and running using dietpi-software software optimized.
I have the spotty plugin up and working after manually installing libio-socket-ssl-perl (before installing squeezebox server).
I have shairtunes plugin up and working after installing SSL v1.0.0 via diet-software software additional.

Everything is working, I would just like to tidy up by killing the mysqueezebox connection. I edited the /etc/defaults/logitechmediaserver to insert the --nomysqueezebox string as SLIMOPTIONS="–nomysqueezebox". I can see that /usr/sbin/squeezeboxserver has a check for the --nomysqueezebox string and doesn’t open a connection if it finds it, but on the basis the tab is still present in the Server Settings web interface and the myapps entry still shows in the Logitech Media Server interface (hostname:9000) then I don’t think my option is being acted on.

Where should I be looking to get the --nomysqueezebox CLI option added to the service start ?