Trouble w/ Public Static IP Block

Hi! New to the forum. I was hoping to find some help with issues I’m experiencing after assigning a Public Static IP to my RPi 3 B+ with dietpi. I first thought it was an issue with my ISP, but it looks like it actually may be due to a setting or something on the RPi side. Once I’ve assigned the public static IP, I can’t seem to ping my Raspberry Pi anymore. I’ve even attempted assigning a public static IP to another device and pinging it. Ping worked for that test, so I’m left with thinking it’s something with maybe a dietpi setting?

Usually you are not going to assign public IPs from your IPS to a device inside the local network. On normal case, your broadband router is the getaway to the internet and has a public IP. Your local device has a local IP address only.

I’m not sure I’m following you (also new to all networking, RPi, linux, etc - sorry, forgot to mention). I am able to assign one of the public static IPs from the block I purchased from my ISP to the RPi (which is on my network). One of the other IPs were assigned to the router. I ideally should be able to ping the RPi within my LAN. Or I would assume so. Especially after assigning another IP from the block to another PC on my LAN for which I was able to successfully ping it from a PC that was not assigned an IP from the block and is on the same LAN.