Trouble setting static IPv6 Address and Gateway

Hi All,

I’ve got IPv6 up and running in my network, with a /48 sliced up into a half dozen /64s and everything is just great… Except the DietPi.

dietpi-configure doesn’t seem to have a way to set a static IPv6 address and gateway.

Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal - most of the machines on my network just use SLAAC to come up with their own IPv6 IPs, use router discovery to find the way out to the internet and bob’s your uncle, it all works.

However in this case I’m using the DietPi as a PiHole, so I would like to have it listening on both a static IPv4 and IPv6 address for DNS queries. I know which address I want to give it, and which gateway I want it to use, but when I change /etc/network/interfaces the thing loses networking entirely.


I understand you want to give static, but I sort of solved my similar issue with slaac+dhcpv6.

Nice. That’s what I was thinking too. but I’m not very experienced…