Trouble connecting to DietPi via Serial on NanoPi Neo Air

I’m using Windows 11, a NanoPi Neo Air, and a USB to serial pinout adapter.

I flashed the matching DietPi install onto the SD card, but I’m not able to connect by serial. The device powers up, and I do end up getting the blinking green which is supposed to mean that the OS is loaded. I’ve got Putty installed, and configured the serial port in Device Manager to set the speed to 921600 and 115200 and matching the setting in Putty, but I never get any output in Putty even when I tried switching the tx & rx wires in case I had them backwards. I have verified that I have the right com port, if I hook the tx to rx on the serial adapter it echos out what I type. The information I have seen makes it look like I need Putty connected to the COM port before booting the device, which I have done, but nothing comes up.

Most likely I don’t know what I’m doing, I haven’t used serial to connect to a terminal before so I could be missing some step or an important timing that I’m not aware of. I’ve been googling but have yet to find any detailed instructions that explain the process. I would appreciate any clarity anyone can provide.