Trick to mount ext4 SD card on macos


I’m wondering if one of you knows the trick to mount a writable SD card on MacOS to edit the file /boot/dietpi.txt as ext4fuse only mounts as readonly the Linux FileSystem ?




usually /boot is located on a vfat partition. What kind of image you are using

image of dietpi buster has been flashed on the SD card

DietPi is offering more than 1 image, depending on your device. Maybe you can share the image name or your device

Device is : RockPro64
Image: DietPi_ROCKPro64-ARMv8-Buster.img

ok compare to other images, the ROCKPro64 has an ext4 partition only.

There are limited options as Apple is not supporting ext4

or use a VM temporarily

probably better to reach out to an Apple forum. Maybe there are more guys having experience on getting ext4 support on MacOS

I have mounted the USB - SD card on another Pi box for the moment and then I can edit the file :wink:

indeed a 4th option, compare to using a VM :slight_smile:

A 5th option (which relies on virtualbox) is to use vagrant tool to boot a Linux VM and next scp files to the USB card

See :