TrguiNG - WebGUI for Transmission torrent daemon

Nice WebUI for Transmission Daemon
Screenshots of WebUI
SSH to your DietPI

cd /tmp
mkdir webui
cd webui
#stop transmission 
dietpi-services stop transmission-daemon
# Backup old webui
tar -cvf /usr/share/transmission/public_html/backup.tar /usr/share/transmission/public_html/
# copy new webui
cp -vr * /usr/share/transmission/public_html/
chmod 755 -Rc /usr/share/transmission/public_html/
#start transmission
dietpi-services start transmission-daemon
dietpi-services status transmission-daemon

Go to yours http://DIETPI-PI:9091/ and check new WebUI.



P.S. Using your method…I was able to get transmission installed and setup on an OrangePiPC…I just had to replace the wording public_html to web and it went right in no issues!

I like this as well…allowed to me to create a few “aliases” to where I can stop/start tranmission without having to type a TON of stuff…

ok, upgraded my transmission to the latest 4.0.4 build
reran your script above, no /web change…worked like a charm!


Thanks again!!!

Where did you get Transmission 4.0.4 build?

The main repository…

from the link I posted above, it does involve adding a PPA to your apt, not a standard release, I believe 3.0.0 is the release provided, I’m using a different distro on my OPiPC…

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