Transmission settings lost in reboot

Latest release of Dietpi, when I change something in web interface of transmission, for example download dir, it reverts back in reboot.

When I manually stop daemon and edit config file settings are ok.

Same for me.
Manual changes in the config file are valid after daemon restart, but everything I change via web interface is lost after restart or reboot. The config file is not even touched by the changes in web interface.

Can anyone help with this?

th0maz chosen_too
Thanks for reporting guys.

That sounds very similar to a reported Blynk Server issue:
However there it is expected as you can read. Editing the config file via web UI is an unfinished feature there. I am just wondering why the even show it on current version, when it does not work…

Not sure about Transmission now. I will try to replicate and sort out any permission issues and such.
I moved the issue to GitHub to not forget about it:

Thank you, I followed solution from github and it works now!

chosen_too th0maz
Issue has been fixed for v6.25:

To apply the fix now:

echo -e '[Service]\nGroup=dietpi\nSupplementaryGroups=debian-transmission' > /etc/systemd/system/transmission-daemon.service.d/dietpi-group.conf
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart transmission-daemon