Transmission fluctuating download speed

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Required Information

The last image and updated DietPi

  • SBC model | rPi 3B
  • Power supply used | 5V 2A
  • SD card used | Toshiba 16GB
  • USB Stick used | Philips 8GB

So I am trying to make a media server with a torrent box. But the transmission download speed so fluctuates its downloads around 2-3Mbps at first but after 100 mb its decreases by about 500 KBps. Speedtest-cli gives around 80MBit so my download speed should go up to 10mbps. I tried reading and writing tests on my USB, which gives about 5-8 Mb/s. Any suggestion I will take? Sorry for the bad English.

First : you are using raspberry pi 3 with only usb 2.0 port .

Second : writing files to usb stick (not usb drive) is an bad idea .