Transmission error : Access denied


I’ve got lots of issues with Transmission recently. I can’t figure out how to fix this.
I’m trying to download torrent directly to my external HDD instead of the dietpi_userdata folder. Downloading a torrent to the micro SD works, but not on the external HDD. The HDD is ext4 formatted and mounted in /mnt.

When I try to download a torrent to this location, the download works for a few minutes then it just stops. I can’t relaunch it.

I have the error “permission denied”. I don’t understand why, I’m logged in with root user, as mentionned in the dietpi docs, and it even worked for some minutes. I tried reinstalling transmission, didn’t work. The issue is still there.

I searched a lot on the issue, didn’t find anything on it.
Any help is welcome
Have a good day


many thanks for your report. Pls can you provide following

ls -la /mnt/westernhdd/

Thanks for your reply
(sorry if I’m asking a lot of questions at the same time in this forum. This one is the big one right now)

Here is the report you asked for :

Hope it helps. Have a good day


your folder Downloads belongs to user and group root. Means, root is the only one who is able to write to this folder. The user root you are using to login to Transmission has nothing to do with OS level user root. Both are completely different user. One is on OS level, while the other just exist inside Transmission application. On OS level, Transmission themselves is excecuted as user debian-transmission with group dietpi. Means for you 2 possibel solutions:

  1. change Owner:Group of folder Downloads to debian-transmission:dietpi
  2. change permission for folder Downloads to 777 if you not mind the security gap

Thanks a lot for your answer. It worked !!!

I used the 1st solution, using dietpi-explorer. I thank dietpi everyday for allowing me to do all these things without having to search a complex syntax for a command.

Thanks a lot again for your help, you helped me so much on that forum. I guess it’s not always easy to help noobs but what you are doing is extremely useful. Have a great day.

your welcome