Transmission daemon log error high memory

Hi all,
i tried searching the web but couldn’t find the answer.
I’m pretty much novice and i noticed Transmission-daemon -f --log-error is using more then 20% of RPI 3 memory.
I have attache the screenshot.

DO i need to do something, some additional config to fix this?
I pretty much just installed Transmission via dietpi-software and changed json to point to external HDD thats it.

Many thanks for your report. I will do a test install, but actually if I remember correctly Transmission should be quite low in memory usage :thinking:.

Ah now remembered and found that we already have an open issue about this:
Seems to be a since years open bug in the version from the Debian repo. Okay it’s time to force a fix or workaround for this. Will check for other sources of packages outside of Raspbian/Debian Strech repo.